“7764 born and raised in this cold. Coke, cheese and crackers and a smile full of gold. Ghetto, nirvana do just what we wanna, we don’t care. Oh 1107 born and raised in my home town. Guns out at partys, guns out, man down.  Dancing on my f one, blue lights we’re on the run […]

I am my hair! 

Some days I go to bed looking like a super model and wake up looking like a super model. Other days I go to bed looking like a super model and wake up looking like medusa.  I am my hair! It’s attached to me, so how could I possibly not have control over it? Well […]

In living colour! 

“I do not feel that there is any end to creativity!” – Bob Marley  In psychology it is believed that a person either posesses more strength in either the left side of the brain or the right side of the brain.  “The left brain is also referred to as the digital brain. It controls reading […]

Without Me

“Two trailer-park girls go round the outside” Without Me – Eminem I tend to find inspiration anywhere and write on various topics that may or may not have anything to do with each other. The lyrics to the song “Without Me” by Eminem, are quite interesting.  Side Note: I love gangster rap.  To get back […]

“What other people think of you is none of your concern” Stay grounded

In an ever-changing environment and being faced with advancing technology of transportation and immediate information at our fingertips, it is very easy to uproot yourself and move to more pleasant surroundings, if your current situation no longer suits your preferences.  We have a tree outside our apartment. It exists during all seasons. In the warmer […]