Social Media – The Future

When posed with the question of what I see as the future of social media, I lean towards not being able to answer that at all as Social Media in itself is the future. Social Media as a whole is the only form of communication that can compete with direct face to face contact. The […]

Heritage Day For What?

I’m so over South Africa it’s not even funny! SA my first love, you have once again broken my heart into a thousand pieces except this time I’m done! Believing in this country is like remaining in a bad relationship! Same day, same cycle. Rinse. Lather. Repeat! Who does that? Apartheid, struggle, freedom, struggle, reverse-apartheid, […]

And then I will moer you!

Once upon a time in Athlone, a ses tried to steal from us. And Deirdre Alexander had enough! She grabbed that brick, Gretha and I completely in shock! And there the brick goes flying and hit that poor bra! When he turned around I instinctively shut him down. I said: Keep walking because I guarantee […]

One Step At A Time

Success is a set of incremental steps in the right direction! Nobody has ever been successful without having to take these steps. There’s a reason we have to crawl before we can walk. Studies show that babies who walk before they crawl will more than likely go back to crawling, even if just for a […]

Creatives by TS Alexander-Quantoi

Tyla Sydney Alexander-Quantoi is a 15 year old, high school student with a passion for all things creative! She has a passion for photography, free hand art and videography! Join me in welcoming this fresh talent, and my beautiful daughter, as she launches her professional career and starts her online portfolio. Currently linked to our […]